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Leaders Should Shift To Influence - Higher Ground Advantage

Leaders Should Shift To Influence

Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. — John Maxwell

A leadership position does not give someone leadership authority, influence does.

The difference between positional authority and morale authority is based in the approach. There are a lot of types of authority in regard to leadership, things like knowledge, seniority, proximity, relational, situational, mentoring, and success that comes from credibility and visibility of the things you can see.  Moral authority is not easily defined, but we know it when we see it, or especially when we see the lack of it. Without moral authority leaders breed distrust, create cynicism, and kill initiative within a team and it can be fatal.

The pathway from positional authority to moral authority runs through FOUR main factors. COMPETENCE is at the core because it is the ability to lead well. COURAGE is needed to move forward in the face of fear. It encourages the team during the uncertain times and empowers them to maximize their potential. It also helps a leader find their voice. CONSISTENCY is doing well all the time, not just sometimes. It establishes a leader’s reputation, makes the team feel secure, allows for accurate measurement of growth, and maintains a message. CHARACTER is the glue that holds it all together — be good at what you do, yet great at who you are. Integrity, authenticity, humility, and love will harvest influence in great impactful ways to make us all better leaders.


THE IMPACT SHIFT:  Trained Leaders to Transitional Leaders

Trained Leaders to Transformational Leaders

Content Reference:

John C. Maxwell, “Leadershift

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