It Starts With YOU

Make yourself a priority, because at the end, you are your longest commitment. — Unknown

As we have discussed in the past few weeks, we have many roles and responsibilities. The most important one is YOU! We have to start with ourselves. We can’t give our best, when we are not our best. We can’t lead anyone where we haven’t gone ourselves.

Some would argue putting priority on yourself leans toward selfishness. I will argue it leans toward wisdom. I want you to start thinking about giving a portion of your time and energy to yourself in order to ultimately be the best for others.

What do you do to relax? If you had a day with nothing to do, no other tasks, no other priorities, completely open to do whatever you want, how would you fill that space? The parameters are no work, no focus on other people, only yourself…

AND you aren’t allowed to feel guilty about taking the time.

I know some of you well enough to realize your thoughts right now are, “that’s impossible, I can’t do that.” Allow me to say something bold, “NO — you WON’T do it. It has nothing to do with can’t. Perhaps you have never done it or you don’t know how to do it, it is not that you CAN’T.

It’s not only possible, it’s necessary. We will never give our best to others unless we first learn how and actually give our best to ourselves intentionally for a greater purpose. Take a full day for yourself, and then repeat that at least once a month. Find a way to do something for yourself everyday that helps you be the best so you can give the best to other roles and responsibilities.


Determine how you will proceed with self-care making yourself more of a priority. Are you overdue for a day of guiltless time off? Take one!


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