I Want To THRIVE, Not Just Survive

Expecting the world to treat you fairly just because you’re a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to charge you because you’re a vegetarian. — Dennis Wholey

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our lives were only filled with UPS? Yet we know this isn’t reality. I would like to offer encouragement that adversity can be turned into advantage by using it as a stepping-stone to success.

Life’s difficulties do not allow us to stay the same. They move us. The direction in which we move is our choice. Will we move forward or backward based on the event? We know this phrase — Adversity makes us bitter or better, yes? Have we given thought that within that concept we do not remain in the same spot? We move as a result, forward or backward.

Successful people will focus on difficult times as key points in the journey of development, letting adversity become a catalyst for growth.


Thinking of recent adversity, how can you learn from it and create a positive advantage?


Adopt A Positive Life Stance

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