Make the Passion Shift from Career to Calling

When it is your calling, you won’t have to chase it. You will be captivated by it. — John Maxwell

Wouldn’t you like to find and fulfill a calling that makes a difference and gets you excited every day for the rest of your life? Finding our calling is like finding our WHY — the reason we exist, our purpose for living. When we do, it changes everything.

A career is mainly about us, something we choose, and it could keep us separated from our best life. It is something we can take or leave, and optional profession, and is measured by success.

A calling is mainly about others, something chosen for us, and is integrated into our entire life. It never leaves us. It is something we must do and is measured by significance.

Our calling characteristics will… match who we are, tap into our passion, be important to us but not about us, be bigger than us, change our perspective, give us purpose, help us overcome obstacles, and bring fulfillment.

Do you know your calling? If not, ask yourself these three questions: 1.) What do I sing about? 2.) What do I cry about? 3.) What do I dream about?

If you do know your calling, here are some tips to maximize it. 1.) Integrate a daily focus with a long-term perspective. 2.) Set a clear path in a worthwhile direction. 3.) Ask others to join us on the journey.


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Content Reference:

John C. Maxwell, “Leadershift

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