Self – Awareness is the Foundation for Emotional Intelligence

Self – Awareness is our ability to perceive our emotions accurately in the moment and understand our tendencies across situations. How much tolerance do we have for uncomfortable or negative events, challenges, and people?

This is not an easy task; we must spend enough time thinking through feelings to figure out where they come from and why we have them. Emotions always serve a purpose and situations that create strong emotions will always require more thought.

Emotions are real but not always reality. Our emotional capacity involves a deep understanding of the core factors for our reactions. Self – awareness is not about discovering deep unconscious motivators. It is about developing a straightforward honest understanding of what makes each of us tick.

People high in self – awareness are remarkably clear in their understanding of what they do well, what motivates them, and satisfies them. They also know what situations drive them crazy. Just thinking about self – awareness helps us improve the skill.

The need for self – awareness has never been greater. It is the foundational skill in emotional intelligence and makes all other skills easier to use. It’s really about knowing the whole picture of who we are that serves us best. The more we understand both the beauty and the blemishes of ourselves, the better we can reach our greatest potential.


Self – Management

Content Reference:

Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

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