Time To Advance

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. — Ecclesiastes 3:1

Remember going to the pool when we were in grade school? Remember how enticing the deep end seemed? It was where all the cool kids hung-out! The diving board was at that end, and everyone was doing backflips and more. It appeared so much more fun then staying in the shallow end.

Anytime there’s a rope limiting our access to the other side, we want to cross it, right? Reflecting, we didn’t have the skill set to advance to the deep end. It took effort to learn the necessary elements of the deep end.

When will we realize that our participation is required if we want to advance? When we learn more, we are required to live it out. When we are freely given the Word of God, we are responsible for reading it. When community is readily offered all around us, we must pursue relationships in order to experience that.

Don’t miss out by staying in the shallow end, when our faith is meant to swim in deep waters. We are created to say yes to God and stand firm in the promises He has provided for us.  You Got This!


This week, evaluate if anything is holding you back from growing in your faith.



Content Reference:

Cleere Cherry Reaves, “Focus – How One Word A Week Will Transform Your Life”

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