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Start Your Day Well - Higher Ground Advantage

Start Your Day Well

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.   — Yoko Ono

How we start anything plays a key part in how successful it will be. It was Aristotle who said, “well begun is half done.” Creating a great start goes a long way in helping accomplish the task. It’s a form of momentum.  That applies to how we begin each morning.

Everyone knows the adage about getting up on the wrong side of the bed. It may not be literally true but metaphorically it is 100% correct. We can always make excuses for not being our best, the danger comes when it becomes a habit. You know, when it actually becomes OK to start each day badly. When we start each day badly, we can kiss success goodbye.

What does a great morning routine look like? According to Hal Elrod in “The Miracle Morning” use these six life s.a.v.e.r.s. 1.) Silence – get quiet for a few minutes to clear the noise and be prepared to focus. 2.) Affirmations – develop and read them out-loud. 3.) Visualize – create a dream board. 4.) Exercise – get active for a few minutes, it doesn’t take a lot to set our minds and bodies for success. 5.) Reading – for personal growth, 10 pages daily is perfect. 6.) S – scribing for a few minutes in a journal. There you have it – SIX simple things to start your day well.


Create your miracle morning plan and stay as consistent as possible.


Make Friends With Your Past

Content Reference:

Nigel Cumberland, “100 Things Successful People Do — Little Exercises for Successful Living

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