Break It Down

There is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time. — Desmond Tutu

We make extraordinary effort ordinary by breaking it down into these five steps. 1.) Predetermine the process; 2.) Release any emotional attachment to the results; 3.) Schedule the process; 4.) Safeguard success with accountability; and 5.) Assess the results and adjust the process accordingly.

Predetermining the process helps us focus on which tasks need performed daily before anything else. A backwards calendar of action steps sets the pace.

Releasing any emotional attachment to the results helps us to continue the process without getting bogged down in responses. Sometimes it is a numbers game in which we must remember the SWs — Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone’s Waiting.

Scheduling the process creates the priority and importance in the whirlwind of everything else going on. Remember it is helpful to work on one task at a time. Turn off what is running in the background of your mind which drains energy in the process.

Safeguarding success with accountability helps our level of commitment. We know ourselves better than anyone else does. What does it take to commit and stay committed to the process? Sometimes it is best to get an accountability partner.

Assessing the results and adjusting the process accordingly is crucial. Rarely will the steps of a plan play out perfectly without this need. Starting with this awareness can make all the difference in how we reach our goals.


How well do you break it down?


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