Grow Together

Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. — James Baldwin

Who are the very important people in your life? There are VIPs in both our personal and professional life pursuits. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow together to reach important goals? Sometimes that isn’t reality.

Stay content in your growth process even when you want someone important to grow at the same pace. Encouragement here goes a long way. When reading or listening to a book or podcast, pull out nuggets to share. Putting those nuggets in places for others to see them can be impactful. It will be as if they were experiencing the growth process with you. Perhaps not by habit, but through proximity.

Two questions for the dinner table at our house were, “what was the greatest thing that happened today?” AND “what did you learn today?” It taught them to be looking for something to share so we could grow together.


What creative ideas can you implement to create growth awareness all around you?



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