Make Friends With Your Past

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. — Hermann Hesse

We cannot change our past, only the way we think or feel about it. When we look back is there anything that troubles us? Missed opportunities, failed relationships, quilt over poor decisions made, and anxiety can affect our progress if not properly addressed.

There are professional life coaches and therapy to help us with the significant things. Life experiences can make us bitter or better. It is our choice to reflect with wisdom and reframe with purpose. It is also our choice in how long we linger within the reflecting and reframing timeframes. When ready, restart. The key is to not let anything from the past inhibit the future opportunities. It’s a personal and sometimes professional process.

We have all been disappointed and failed at some point at something. It is how we respond that matters most in determining our future abilities. Life does not come to a fork in the road, where one direction leads to success and the other failure. The journey to success runs through failure. The only way failure becomes permanent is if we quit when it happens.


Let the past help with moving forward by acknowledging events with wisdom. Are there any patterns that need to be changed? It’s in the response to disappointments that create the ability for a success.


Take Breaks

Content Reference:

Nigel Cumberland, “100 Things Successful People Do — Little Exercises for Successful Living”

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