To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.  — Ecclesiastes 3:1

Our lives have different priorities in different seasons. This is an important reason not to compare ourselves to others. Comparison is the enemy to contentment plus it affects our ability to accomplish mission and vision. When we compare, we can’t take the next step because we are too focused on someone else’s last step.

A unique perspective on priorities is to think of them as glass balls and rubber balls. As we navigate the seasons of life there will be priorities that cannot be dropped — our glass balls. Other priorities are more flexible and roll along — our rubber balls. In essence it’s about deciding the category of each priority and how we handle them with care. Position and importance shift with time and seasons of life.

Currently, we have not yet had a grandchild, and our nine children are mostly adults. Motherhood has changed for me, from being a glass ball to a rubber ball. I understand the shift in that priority. However, some things in life are not that clear. Depending on what season we are walking through determines what priorities are glass. How do we determine? We can prayerfully ask, and wisdom will come.


Evaluate current life seasons and its priorities; what balls are you holding and can’t drop?


Show Up

Content Reference:

Cleere Cherry Reaves, “Focus – How One Word A Week Will Transform Your Life”

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