Social Awareness Strategies

Continuing from last week, let’s look at three more social awareness strategies.

Make Timing Everything

To practice timing as it relates to social awareness, start working on timing with asking questions. The goal is to ask the right questions at the right time with the right frame of mind, all with our audience in mind. It’s not about our agenda, it’s about being supportive and staying in the moment with that person.

Develop a Back-Pocket Question

A back-pocket question is what we use just in case we need to bail out of an awkward silence or uncomfortable moment. This buys us time and shows the other person we are interested in his or her thoughts, feelings, and ideas. What do you think about …. and put a mutual interest or concern in this space. Again remembering, it’s not about our agenda.

Don’t Take Notes at Meetings

A great place to observe others is during meetings. It’s a captive audience with little distractions. From an emotional intelligence point of view not taking notes at a meeting is very interesting. Scribing important details certainly has its value. It’s practical, yet it takes our focus away from watching other’s critical reactions to what is being discussed. Capture the most important details and stay focused on social awareness as well.


Strategies Continue

Content Reference:

Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

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