Success Strategy – Show Up!

He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. — Psalm 91:11

When it comes to self-evaluation, we tend to be extremely hard on ourselves. We base our thoughts on two different people: the person we want to be and the person we are. In our minds we assess ourselves using a comparison gauge. If only … we could be … like that person … have reached that goal … have that title, and the list goes on.

I heard this true analogy. The problem with comparison is that we cannot take our next step because we are too focused on someone else’s last step. We need to get our minds in the right place. A solid success strategy is to just show up, as ourselves, ready to embrace what we are supposed to do in that moment.

I want to talk about potential for just a moment. Not the potential we think we have; the potential that God calls us to have. He doesn’t call the equipped, that’s the potential we think we have. He equips the called, that’s the potential he has given us.

In my devotions, I recently read this formula. God + Nothing = Everything When we are called, we can trust He will equip us. It isn’t in our strength. It’s in His. I personally find that comforting. Even when I feel like nothing, He creates everything.


Evaluate your position of comparison and ask God for your next step.



Content Reference:

Cleere Cherry Reaves, “Focus – How One Word A Week Will Transform Your Life”

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