The Niche Law

— all players have a place where they add the most value.

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. — Vince Lombardi

Leaders create the greatest momentum by having the right people in the right place and that right time.

We must start with ourselves. A quality gut check happens here. We must 1.) be secure; 2.) know our strengths and potential blind-spots; 3.) trust our leader; 4.) see the big picture; and 5.) turn experience into wisdom.

We must also know our team. To help others reach their greatest potential and maximize their effectiveness, stretch them outside of their comfort zone yet never out of their strength zone. Knowing our team, the situation, and the important player’s strengths, will help raise momentum for growth.

Have you found your niche? If so, then stay the course and keep growing and learning in your area of expertise. If not, you need to get on track. If you know your niche and aren’t working in it, perhaps a transition is in order. If you don’t know your niche, then take a discovery journey to find it. I can help with that, if you would like to chat more, let me know.


The Law of Mount Everest

Content Reference:

John C. Maxwell, “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork”

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