Know Your Strengths in Leadership

Do what you do so well that those who see you are going to come back to see you do it again and tell others as well. — Walt Disney

One key to leadership is understanding how gifts and abilities can be used to accomplish the vision of your organization. Part of this is personal, yet as leaders, we must have a sense of vision for our leadership. It should align, at least during the current season, with the vision of the organization we serve.

Developing a sense of where our true strengths are and forming them to their greatest potential can sometimes be messy. “Growing Pains” within an organization is a reality as leaders and teams align to gain momentum. The more focused we become within our strengths; growth occurs rapidly. As we often say, lean into the mess, as it produces a fruitful outcome.


How can you become more focused within your talents to better serve your team?


Casting Vision

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