A “Little” Is All It Takes

There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what are they among so many? — John 6:9

God is in the miracle working business. Seeing, hearing, reading, and experiencing a miracle never gets old for me. In order to have a miracle, there must be a problem. A problem is, in and of itself, an opportunity for a miracle. Perspective is key here.

When a problem appears, what becomes the focus? Do we focus on the problem, the root of the problem, the solution, or the One who can supply the solution? This is important because what we focus on expands. Let’s expand the solution, not the problem; and the One who can supply the solution, not the root of the problem.

Demonstrated well many times in scripture, Jesus focused on the solution and supplied it. In the story of feeding 5,000 (plus), the disciples looked at the five loaves and two fish and basically said, “so what, this is of little help.” Jesus looked at the solution which was in the “little” — giving thanks for what they had — and multiplied it to not only feed them — but to feed them until they were satisfied, plus had 12 full baskets left over.

I often wake up with a song in my head. This week it has been these lyrics… “It’s easy for you, easy for you — what’s impossible for me, you can do.” AMEN!


Refocus perspective on the solution, and the One who supplies the solution.



Content Reference:

Cleere Cherry Reaves, “Focus – How One Word A Week Will Transform Your Life”

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