Seek the Whole Picture

Since we see the world as we are and not how the world really is, chances are good that we don’t see the whole picture without effort. It’s one thing to say we want to grow in our emotional intelligence, and another to have courage to ask others for personal feedback on how we are doing.

Taking advantage of this opportunity requires courage and strength to invite fans and critics to get down to the details of their perception of us. What if they are wrong? What if they are harsh? — What if they are right?

What if they are wrong? — what if they think your silence is about passivity when it is about taking time to think before answering? That then becomes an opportunity for growth and awareness to alert them that you are taking more time to think.

What if they are harsh? — toughen up a little yet evaluate what is said for growth purposes. Remember, we asked for it. Are we willing for growth’s sake to take the answers?

What if they are right? — as in blind spot exposed, awareness created, I didn’t realize that I was leaving that impression and that is NOT the impression I want to create. Awareness creates opportunity for growth and accountability to change at the same time.


Relationship Management

Content Reference:

Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

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