The Compass Law

— vision gives team members direction and confidence.

Great vision precedes great achievement. — John Maxwell

Every team needs a compelling vision to give it direction. A team without a vision is, at worst, purposeless. At best it becomes subject to individual agendas of team members whose energy will work against each other.

The leader’s role is to provide direction.

Let’s check our compass —

A Moral Compass (Look Above)

— brings integrity to the vision. It helps all team members check their motives to ensure they are laboring for the right reason.

An Intuitive Compass (Look Within)

— passion brings fire. Intuition is the mother of vision. Experience feeds it and enhances our insight.

A Historical Compass (Look Behind)

— build on the past, not diminish it. Make positive use of anything contributed by the past to help build the future.

A Directional Compass (Look Ahead)

— vision provides direction which comes from purpose. Breaking down purpose into goals and targets provide the steps to take.

A Strategic Compass (Look Around)

— vision without strategy is little more than a daydream. Strategy creates the process and the plan to utilize the resources to move forward.

A Visionary Compass ( Look Beyond)

— keep the focus on reaching your greatest potential. Current circumstances and obstacles are opportunity to reveal team strengths.


The Law of the Bad Apple

Content Reference:

John C. Maxwell, “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork”

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