Building Strong Relationships is a Priority

You can’t make the other fellow feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody. — Les Giblin


Keys to Embracing Relationship Priorities:

1.  Place a High Value on People

2.  Expect the Best from Everyone

3.  Assume their Motives are Good Unless Proven Otherwise

4.  Give them Your Friendship

5.  Improve Your Understanding of them


When they are insecure — give them confidence.

When they want to feel special — compliment them.

When they desire a better tomorrow — show them hope.

When they need to be understood — listen and encourage them.

When they are selfish — speak to their needs first.

When they want to be successful — help them win.


When we understand people, don’t take their shortcomings personally, and help them succeed, we lay a foundation for important relationships.



What is your natural response toward people? What new habit is needed to place a higher value on important relationships?


Give Respect Freely

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