Grow Your EQ by Enhancing Your Communication Style

We see the world as we are, not as the world really is. We have one communication style. According to most assessments there are four themes around how to communicate. One of those is described in the picture above. The goal is to realize our natural style and then enhance it through awareness and knowledge in order to enhance and increase our ability to communicate.

Our communication style effects our relationships. Intentionally growing in communication gives us opportunity to use self-awareness, self-management and social awareness EQ skills.

Be sure to see the positive attributes and potential pitfalls that come with all styles. Make a list. What do you love about each, and what do you personally want to focus on for growth to intentionally enhance your ability to connect?


Avoid Giving Mixed Signals

Content Reference:

Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

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