Harder Than It Looks

Being a servant leader and building community in a team is harder than it looks. Having courage to invest in others and developing potential as a leader is harder than it looks. Yet it is also completely worth it.

Go from boss to coach. Invest time in relationships to build community. Think of a waterfall. It flows from the top down. Leaders need to start the momentum. Create a mindful expectation of what you want to develop as a team. Does that look like a deeper connection together, increased trust, greater performance and productivity? Those things fall like dominos with time invested one to one together with the team.

Use a simple model approach to time together:

Agenda — what to talk about

Obstacles and Opportunities — turn every obstacle into an opportunity

Options — brainstorm the solutions together

Action — what action steps will happen to accomplish goals

Content Reference:

Mark Miller, “The Secret to Teams – What Great Teams Know and Do”

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