Social Investment

— why social support is your single greatest asset.

Our need for social support isn’t just in our heads. Evolutionary psychologists explain that the innate need to form social bonds has been literally wired into our biology. When we make a positive social connection, the hormone oxytocin is released immediately reducing anxiety and improving concentration and focus. Each positive social connection bolsters our cardiovascular, neuro-endocrine, and immune systems.

When we enjoy strong social support, we can accomplish impressive feats of resilience, and live longer more vibrant lives. Basically, social capital is stress relief. Invest in people; become a part of a tribe. Take the risk (have courage) to invest in others by building relationships. This makes me think about the success of small groups at church. We come together to worship and receive the message, yet we do life together in small groups.

Content Reference:

Shawn Achor, “The Happiness Advantage”

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