Be Teachable

Highly talented people have a hard time with being teachable. Why? — because often they don’t think someone else can increase their knowledge. Teachability is not so much about competence or mental capacity as it is about attitude.

Teachability Truths:

1.Nothing is interesting unless we are interested.

2.Successful people view learning differently.

3.Learning is meant to be a lifelong pursuit.

4.Talented people can be the toughest to teach.

5.Pride is the number one hindrance to teachability.

Ask Yourself, Am I Really Teachable?:

1.Am I open to other people’s ideas?

2.Do I listen more than I talk?

3.Am I open to changing my opinion based on new information?

4.Do I readily admit when I am wrong?

5.Do I observe before acting on a situation?

6.Do I ask questions?

7.Am I willing to ask a question that will expose my ignorance?

8.Am I open to doing things in a way I haven’t done before?

9.Am I willing to ask for directions?

10.Do I act defensive when criticized, or do I listen openly for the truth?

That list is full of humility, and I grew more teachable as I typed it.


Next Week – Develop Strong Character

Content Reference:

John Maxwell, “Success Is A Choice”

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