Off Balance On Purpose

When we limit ourselves to what’s comfortable, we deny ourselves of what’s possible. — Dan Thurmon

I love this content, and it fits our Emotional Intelligence category so well. Let’s go on this journey together for the next fourteen weeks.

When we are moving forward, especially if the target is momentum in any way, we will be off balance on purpose.

Part 1: Embracing Contradictions

— We Will Never Achieve Balance AND We Shouldn’t Want To

— You Must Let Go To Get A Grip

— Not Enough Time Is Not The Problem

— The Gift Of The Grind

— You Won’t Reach Your Full Potential — It’s Infinite

Part 2: Your Life Pattern

— Five Spheres of Influence

— Lifelines: Strengthening Your Vital Connections

— Collision Avoidance and Recovery

— Supercharged Choices Yield Multiplied Results

Part 3: The OBOP Process of Self-Expansion

— Own Your Reality

— Seek Your Purpose

— Lean Forward and Make Yourself Uncomfortable

— Leverage Your Resources

— Follow Through

Can’t wait to begin next week — it looks like it is perfectly fitting personally right now, and I am believing it will be valuable for all of you as well.

Content Reference:

Dan Thurmon, “Off Balance On Purpose”

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