The Real Issue

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. To lead others is a calling not just a career.

Leadership Issues:

— Irregular / Infrequent Meetings

— Lack of role clarity

— Unclear vision

— Command and control approach

— Leader readiness

— Team readiness

— Inadequate resources

— Lack of understanding the up-front investment to lead

We have talked a lot about talent, skills, and community.

Here’s what the leader’s role in each is:

The Leader’s Role: Talent

— Identify the talent needs of the team (current and future).

— Always be on the lookout for talent (recruiting mindset).

— Never compromise on character, competency, or chemistry.

The Leader’s Role: Skills

— Work with the team to identify the skills needed for success.

— Identify any skill gaps(individual and team).

— Teach the team the skills needed (development is crucial).

— Provide resources to help close skill gaps.

The Leader’s Role: Community

— Value community as much as talent and skills.

— Be vulnerable and transparent.

— Ensure the team invests appropriate time on community-building activities.

— Always look for ways to help the team to do life together.

Content Reference:

Mark Miller, “The Secret to Teams – What Great Teams Know and Do”

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