The sharper it is, the sharper we are. — John Maxwell

The keys to effective leaders regarding being focused are priorities and concentration. A leaders who knows his / her priorities yet lacks concentration knows what to do but never gets it done. If there is concentration without priority, there is excellence without progress. When we harness both, there is potential to achieve great things!

The Focus Formula:

Focus 70% on Strengths

— The only thing that is universal is that we are all incompetent in some way. Strengths are very specific, place a lot of focus on those.

Focus 25% on New Things

— Growth equals change. When wanting to get better we must keep changing and improving, and that means stepping out into new things.

Focus 5% on Areas of Weakness

— No one is exempt to weakness. The key is to minimize it as much as possible. Delegate them to others who are stronger in those areas.

You Got This!

Content Reference:

John Maxwell, “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader”

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