Owning Our Reality

Reality Check:

— we are here because of our past choices and actions

— the past is over

— we control what happens next

(AND hopefully, we are keeping God in the center of our life and choices.)

What we believe and what we value most translate into our beliefs and values. They work hand in hand creating our principles which guide our behavior.

WHEN we believe that most people are inherently good, we will most likely value people, relationships, and opportunities to learn from others. These values lead to principles like staying open to people and multiple approaches to a situation. That’s there’s more than one right answer and communication is essential.


WHEN one believes that most people are inherently corrupt, selfish, or dishonest, we will likely value security, separation, or protection of what we have or think, and have a very select group of people to trust. These values lead to principles of keeping people at a distance, being skeptical of people’s motives and defending ideas and boundaries at all costs.

Where Do We Relate Most:

— Love is hard to find OR Love is all around us

— I’m always broke OR I am meant to be prosperous

— There is never enough time OR Every moment has infinite potential

— I’ll never be able to live my dream OR Anything is possible

— The world is falling apart OR I can make a difference, small actions have a huge impact

— Opportunity is limited OR Opportunity is limitless

— Quitting smoking is hard OR I am capable of shedding old habits

— I can’t seem to find any life balance OR Off balance is okay, if it’s purposeful

We need to take our temperature with this information. Awareness brings opportunity for growth and accountability to change at the same time.

If in a tough place, here’s an action helper.

When In Doubt, Zoom Out

— we view everything from the inside first, hit pause and view it from someone else’s point of view to gain a clearer perspective.

Content Reference:

Dan Thurmon, “Off Balance On Purpose”

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