What Are We Afraid Of?

This is a familiar crossroad, the place where we need to decide, and our options are to lend power to courage or give power to our fears.

It may sound too good to be true, yet all fear, no matter it’s consequence can be contained. To reach our fullest potential and live a life of impact for which we are made, we will have to marshal great courage. Mark Twain wrote that courage is the resistance and mastery of fear, not the absence of it.

Think about this, the path of life is crowded with problems we are intended to solve. Solving these problems requires working at changing the order of things. What is wrong needs to be set right. We realize the things that are broken… a relationship is fractured, disrespect, or values not being upheld. To change the order of things, we must take bold, decisive action. Things don’t change on their own and to act requires subjecting ourselves to criticism.

It helps to name our fears, run toward them, and take our power back. The more we practice courage, the easier it will be to move past any anxiety that weighs us down. Courage is a lot like getting into shape. It’s easier to not be disciplined toward that goal, yet even an ounce of courageous action starts a momentum machine.

As we name our fears and run toward them, let’s answer these two questions:

What is the worst that could happen here?

What is the best outcome imaginable?

Once answered, we decide which one gets to win. As we display courage in our own lives, we’ll bring strength to many others. Courage loves company.

Content Reference:

Carly Fiorina, “Find Your Way”

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