Becoming A Better Us


Absolutely any problem can be solved with the right people around the table.

When the right mix of experience, perspective, expertise, and attention to detail comes together, there’s nothing that “TEAM” cannot accomplish.

Countless meetings can come to a stalemate over any issue. YET rather than become frustrated, or feel helpless, hopeless, or enraged, how about saying:

“We are missing someone or something we need.” We need the right perspective, passion, logic, levity, and / or optimism. When there isn’t unity, we need something or someone to bring what is needed.

Diversity of opinion is the dynamite that blows up the log-jams that keep groups stuck. (Have we not seen the diverse opinions and log-jams of life in the last couple of years?)

HOW do we manage all that diversity?

Two Words:


WHEN those two qualities are evident, true collaboration becomes possible.


How’s our internal meters on humility and empathy on all the important topics in our life right now?

Content Reference:

Carly Fiorina, “Find Your Way”

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