Advanced DISC Profiles

IMPACT Powerful Progress

The Maxwell Method of DISC can IMPACT success in a number of ways. We know how powerful this method is and how impactful the application of it can be to students, executives, entrepreneurs, teams, and sales professionals. That is why we have made 4 essential IMPACT Profiles available to our customers. 

Communication Profile

$ 147
  •  Includes half-day workshop
Report 1
  • Communication Strengths 
  • Personal Growth Areas
  • Connecting for Effective Results
  • Seven Influence Strengths
  • Thinking & Task Roles
  • Core Values
  • Aligning for High Performance


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Report 2
  • Communication 
  • Best Working Environment
  • Influence Style
  • Client Buying Styles
  • Motivating Styles for Yourself & Your Team


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 Profile >>
Report 3
  • Communication Strengths 
  • Selling Styles & Strengths
  • How to Identify Client’s Buying Style & Formulate the Perfect Approach
  • Raise Your Closing Ratios


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Report 4
  • Communication Strengths
  • Selling Style & Strengths
  • Identify Client’s Buying Style
  • Identify Sales Team Selling Style & Motivational Characteristics
  • Raise Your Sale’s Team Results


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We want to help you learn valuable insights.

With the right information anything is possible. Learn key information that can help you to succeed in any path you are on. Each Impact Report contains essential information utilizing the Maxwell Method of DISC. Allowing you to be able to know yourself and grow yourself. 

Report 5
For Young Adults (High School Age or Older)
  • Strengths – What You Do Best
  • Growth Areas & Communication
  • Learning & Motivation Style 
  • Career Matches (100-200)

Price: $97 

Report 6
For Elementary & Intermediate Age Students
  • Experience Connection
  • Understand Unique Strengths
  • Understand Behavioral Styles 
  • Experience Natural Motivation

Price: $97